Understanding Real Estate Agent Commission Rates in Dubai

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Dubai, a city known for its luxurious lifestyle, stunning architecture, and thriving real estate market, has become a hotspot for property investors and homeowners alike. If you’re considering buying or selling property in Dubai, understanding the real estate agent commission rates is crucial. Many who invest in the Dubai real estate market live abroad and won’t be in the city to manage or oversee their property. Whether you aim to sell or rent out your villa or condo, enlisting a professional provides irreplaceable expertise and insight into the market. Good professionals however, come at a cost. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of real estate agent commissions in Dubai and provide essential insights so you can make the right decision when trusting someone with your investments.

The Standard Commission Structure

In Dubai, real estate agent commissions typically follow a standard structure. The commission rates are a percentage of the property’s final sale or rental price. While there can be variations depending on the specific agency and property type, the most common commission rate for residential properties is around 2% to 3% of the total transaction value.

For example, if you’re selling a property for AED 1,000,000, the commission would amount to AED 20,000 to AED 30,000. Keep in mind that these rates are not fixed and can be negotiated between the property owner and the real estate agent. These rates are also subject to change with time, as like any other economy, Dubai is also affected by global economic conditions and currency fluctuations.

Factors Influencing Commission Rates

Several factors can influence the commission rates charged by real estate agents in Dubai:

Property Type

Commission rates may vary depending on whether the property is residential, commercial, or industrial. Luxury properties and off-plan developments may also have different commission structures. In any case, consult with your property management company or survey the options to acquire the best rates, service, and rates possible.

Property Value

In some cases, the commission percentage may decrease as the property value increases. Higher-value properties may warrant lower commission rates to incentivize potential buyers.

Exclusive Listings

If you choose to work exclusively with a single real estate agent or agency, they may offer a reduced commission rate as an incentive for your loyalty. If you have a large frequently updating portfolio of real estate investments, it may be beneficial to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a real estate agent or company that you found satisfactory and trust with your business.

Market Conditions

During a buyer’s market, where properties are abundant, and demand is low, real estate agents might be more willing to negotiate lower commission rates to secure a sale. 

Negotiation Skills

Your ability to negotiate with the agent can also impact the final commission rate. Experienced negotiators may secure lower rates. 

Additional Costs and Considerations

While the commission rate is a significant factor, there are additional costs and considerations when dealing with real estate transactions in Dubai:

VAT (Value Added Tax)

As of my last knowledge update in October 2023, a 5% VAT applies to real estate agent commissions in Dubai. Make sure to check the latest tax regulations to ensure compliance.

Agent and Management Expenses

Some real estate agents may charge additional fees to cover expenses related to marketing, photography, and property valuations. In the case of rental units, only the tenants have to pay a flat rate, but in many cases, property management firms offer more complete packages that include marketing, upkeep, and maintenance for an additional fee. Clarify these costs upfront. 

Both buyers and sellers may incur legal fees when transferring property ownership. Ensure you have a clear understanding of who is responsible for these costs. The Dubai Land Department charges a 4% fee on transactions divided equally between the buyer and seller, as well as administrative fees derived from the price of the property. These are dependent on the type and value of property, with off-plan properties and land parcels enjoying reduced fees. 

According to DAMAC, one of the largest developers in Dubai, the current fees are:

Dubai Land Department Fees = 4% of the property price + Admin fees (AED 580 for apartments and offices, AED 430 for land, AED 40 for off-plan)

Registration Fees for properties valued below AED 500,000 = AED 2000 + 5% VAT

Registration Fees for properties valued above AED 500,000 = AED 4000 + 5% VAT

Mortgage registration fees Dubai Land Department = Up to 0.25% of loan amount + AED 290

There may be additional fees, such as mandatory insurance or property valuation fees, depending on the property and type of transaction you are dealing with.

Registering your property with public service providers such as the Dubai Electric and Water Authority also entails an initial fee. Depending on the size of the property. 

Escrow Services

In Dubai, property transactions often involve escrow services to protect the interests of all parties. Understand the associated fees and how they are distributed. Escrow services are a valuable tool for investors. Buying real estate in Dubai is often a significant investment, and many individuals need to secure their capital. Dubai, being one of the most flourishing real estate markets in the world has a large number of providers when it comes to escrow services to choose from.


Dubai’s real estate market offers exciting opportunities, but it’s essential to comprehend the nuances of commission rates and associated costs when working with real estate agents. Remember that commission rates can be negotiated, so it’s in your best interest to thoroughly research, compare rates, and leverage your negotiation skills to secure a favorable deal when buying or selling property in this vibrant city. By understanding the factors influencing commission rates and being aware of additional costs, you can make informed decisions that align with your real estate goals in Dubai.

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